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Class Description (First Responders)

Yoga911 Training is customized for each department, based upon their specific needs and goals. All training will include classroom work, where we will explore the reasons behind the training and practical yoga work, where we will apply what we learned in the classroom.

Additional topics include, breathing and other mindfulness techniques.

Type of Training:

  • Academy Training
  • In-Service Training
  • Training Demos


Class Description (Yoga Teachers)

Yoga911 is designed for yoga teachers who want to effectively teach yoga to First Responders and want to enhance their understanding of the First Responder mindset. In this training, participants will learn valuable mind-body skills to support the health, healing and resilience of First Responders. In this training, teachers will be introduced to the following:

  • Yoga911 health and resiliency practices
  • Learn about police, fire and EMS culture
  • Learn how to lead a first responder yoga class
  • Learn how to conduct student intakes, evaluations and observations of students when working with first responders
  • Learn how to approach and discuss yoga training with local departments
  • Explore key studies, emerging research, and current health care needs and learn how to use them effectively to support your teaching and program development


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Mindfulness Training
Service Type
Mindfulness Training
Provider Name
Christopher Davis, Telephone No.910-988-7088
First Responders
Mindfulness Training for First Responders
Christopher Davis 910-988-7088
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