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Inner Armour Training

What we offer:

Training that enables officers to proactively support each other by using peer to peer psychological coaching to prevent and/or mitigate issues before they manifest into life threatening and/or career threatening situations.

Participants learn to conduct 45 – 60-minute peer to peer psychological coaching sessions, in which they learn how to “quarantine” trauma, anxiety, depression, and stress. As a result, many issues are dealt with before they negatively affect an officer’s personal and/or professional life. Effective results have been seen both nationally (United Kingdom) and internationally.

Core purpose:
To give officers access to quality peer to peer psychological support.


  • To proactively address stress, anxiety, depression and related mental health conditions at the “peer level” in a timely, academically, and culturally informed manner.

Guaranteed Outcomes:

  • Increased ability for officers to provide psychological self-care for themselves and/or a peer.
  • Increased psychological resilience and the ability to enhance the post-traumatic growth process.
  • Increased cohesion and trust among team members.

Projected Outcomes:

  • Fewer stress related incidents, workman’s compensation claims and/or early medical retirements.
  • Fewer absences
  • Better decision making (fewer citizen complaints, fewer use of force incidents, fewer vehicle accidents, etc.)
  • Better communication (internally and externally)
  • Increased morale. 

Instructor Bio

Al McGregor
Executive Director
BA (Hons), PGCE, PCC, MSc, FcollT.

Areas of Responsibility:
– Police Training (National & International)
– Intelligence Services Training (Private & State)
– Prisons & Youth Offender Institute Training 

Historically, we put Psychology into policing after the damage has been done. why not before? Al is committed to making that happen.

Al holds three degrees from UK Universities and is dedicated to making Positive Psychology principles available to all in front-line services. Al completes monthly shifts with the London MET Police Force and Essex Police Force in an active researcher role. Ultimately, Al plans on using his Ph.D. (Psychology) research to increase the post traumatic growth and resilience in the UK Police.

Al has 12 years teaching experience in four state secondary schools in areas of high deprivation and high crime in the UK. Additionally, he spent two years lecturing at the postgraduate level in the UK and one year internationally.  He is also an ICF (International Coaching Federation) professionally certified coach.


Survive First (


Yoga911 (

Training Agenda: The first 2 ½ days will be dedicated to Inner Armour Quarantine Training and the last 4-hours will be dedicated to Mindfulness Training. The Mindfulness Training will be provided by Janet Sandman and Chris Davis (VALOR Instructors).

*There is NO COST for this training session*

Training Dates: December 2 – 4, 2019 

Training Location:

Wake Technical Community College (Public Safety Education Campus)

321 Chapanoke Road
Raleigh, NC 27603
Map & Directions

Registration (Seating is limited to 30 students)

Contact Chris Davis at: or 910-988-7088


Please Provide: name / rank, department, email address, and phone number





Class Description (First Responders)

Yoga911 Training is customized for each department, based upon their specific needs and goals. All training will include classroom work, where we will explore the reasons behind the training and practical yoga work, where we will apply what we learned in the classroom.

Additional topics include, breathing and other mindfulness techniques.

Type of Training:

  • Academy Training
  • In-Service Training
  • Training Demos


Class Description (Yoga Teachers)

Yoga911 is designed for yoga teachers who want to effectively teach yoga to First Responders and want to enhance their understanding of the First Responder mindset. In this training, participants will learn valuable mind-body skills to support the health, healing and resilience of First Responders. In this training, teachers will be introduced to the following:

  • Yoga911 health and resiliency practices
  • Learn about police, fire and EMS culture
  • Learn how to lead a first responder yoga class
  • Learn how to conduct student intakes, evaluations and observations of students when working with first responders
  • Learn how to approach and discuss yoga training with local departments
  • Explore key studies, emerging research, and current health care needs and learn how to use them effectively to support your teaching and program development


If you are interested, please fill out and submit the listed form.





Mindfulness Training
Service Type
Mindfulness Training
Provider Name
Christopher Davis, Telephone No.910-988-7088
First Responders
Mindfulness Training for First Responders
Christopher Davis 910-988-7088
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