The Blackhole Lightens


I can’t see the walls, but they feel like they are crushing me.

My mind is focused on the blackness, the darkness, all I can see and feel is “hopelessness.”

I can’t see a light, there is no glimmer of hope.

I want to scream, but no one will hear me.

If I scream, will I be seen as crazy, weak, unable to do the JOB?

What do I do?

BREATHE! Breathe like this was your last 64 seconds on earth and then:

  1. Inhale through nose for a 4-seconds
  2. Hold that breath for 4-seconds
  3. Exhale that breath for 4-seconds
  4. Hold after exhaling for 4-seconds
  5. REPEAT FOR 4 ROUNDS (64 Seconds)

Start to feel the walls moving farther and farther away.

Feel you mind open up to more than one thought.

See the light, getting brighter and brighter with each breath.

Scream. You will be heard!

Once the darkness clears (and it will), you will be seen as sane, strong, confident cop that can do his/her job!


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