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Two reviews from the April 2021 Lone Survivor Retreat:

Chris was a huge asset to this weekend, his experience is priceless.

Chris was a Rockstar.

Overall, 6 of 8 veterans were “completely satisfied” and two of them were “somewhat satisfied” with the yoga/mindfulness training.


“I attended Chris’ Yoga911 class last week during a three-day stress- related course in Raleigh.  It was exactly what I needed for both mind and body.  Chris is able to combine his experience and knowledge to facilitate not only a relaxing class, but also one that put my body through the much needed movement.  Moving truly makes everything better even if it is not cardio.  There were many LEOs in the course who had never been to a yoga class, and never thought they would.  They left sweating and  knowing the benefits of breathing, trusting, and trying something new.  He taught the class on the level we needed for a bunch of first-timers.  Suffering from many back issues myself, I hope to catch more of his classes.  Try it, I sincerely believe you will be surprised – and a little less stressed.  Who couldn’t use THAT!?! Thanks, Chris!

Susan M. Gillis


North Carolina Justice Academy

This was an awesome experience!  I have done yoga before and I love that officers are encouraged to take up yoga.  I really like the tactical setting – officers facing the door and not being required to close your eyes.  I would love for Chris to come to my department and instruct officers.  Even the toughest cop would try yoga with Chris as the instructor!



Sergeant Renae Lockhart
Youth Services Unit
Detective Division
Raleigh Police Department

I really enjoyed the class, and I am inspired to do more yoga because of this class. I have had a strange chronic pain in my left side around my rib cage for several months, it hurt to lie down and I could only sleep in certain positions. I slept great the night after the class, and the next day the pain was significantly reduced! I am realizing now that the pain was probably due to constant muscle strain and stress. My whole body feels refreshed. The muscles got worked but aren’t sore and I feel really hopeful for the future as I continue down this path. I even ordered a kids yoga video so that my whole family can do it together. Thank you so very much!
(Feel free to edit/crop the text as needed)
Senior Officer M. S. Horner 3200
Raleigh Police Department
919-896-9784 cell
So Chris I was very skeptical about it. I had a head on collision in 99 that
totaled my patrol vehicle. I did not realize I hurt my back till many years
later. I was told I would need surgery at some point if the pain keeps
bothering me which I said no. After taking the class the other day for that
45 minutes or so I can say that my back feels great even today. Thank you
for the training. I like the fact I can do what I feel works for me.Wayne Daniels
Thank you so much for providing us with a yoga session during the Inner Armour training. I have never been a person who does yoga regularly, but I am very fond of the results and benefits (physical and mental) yoga provides. With that being said, I have tried several classes and have experienced the benefits enough that I often recommend yoga  for my clients. The session you led was the best yoga experience I have had so far and I would love to introduce our officers and their spouses to Yoga 911. You were able to take the anxiety of trying something new away making it less intimidating to try.On a side note: I currently coordinate our RPD Spouse Support Group and would love to see if it’s a possibility for you to do an event with us in the future. I also think if our officers were introduced to a class led by you it would really break the barrier of getting officers to try something new that could truly benefit their overall wellbeing.Sincerely,Kimberly Jackson-Luzader, LPC, NCC
Trauma Counselor
Administrative Services Division
Raleigh Police Department

I recently attended some peer-to-peer and officer resiliency training and Chris was one of the instructors.  His topic was Yoga and how it can benefit officers both physically and mentally.  He led a Yoga session with the class.  As a result of his testimony on how beneficial Yoga was to his mental and emotional well-being during the last few years of his career, as well as how enjoyable and refreshing the session was in the class, I will be incorporating Yoga into my physical fitness regimen.  I trust and respect Chris enough that if he says Yoga can transform how I live and work, it is something I am going to do.

-Matt, 23 year law enforcement veteran

Matthew May
Captain – Patrol Division

225 S. Taylor Street
Wake Forest, NC 27587-2794

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