New Calif. laws to help responders with trauma, mental health issues

"Mental health is very important to their overall wellbeing. It’s OK to seek help, and recovery is possible," one official said — Read on

Calling for backup: Changing LE culture so officers are not afraid to ask for help

If we have difficulty asking for help on calls for service, what does that say about our ability to ask for help concerning our mental health? Our failure or refusal to ask for help when help is reasonably available can contribute to us getting hurt or killed — Read on

What I Learned in Yoga Class Today

As a yoga teacher I have been taught (Guiding Wellness Institute) and have read a lot of books about the different reactions that students can have in a yoga class, based on their own personal experiences. Today in class, a woman in her 20's came into classroom, which was already filled with 10 or so … Continue reading What I Learned in Yoga Class Today

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