Positive psychology is a booming industry. But is it science, religion, or something else? – Vox

Just over 20 years old, this field has captivated the world with its hopeful promises — and drawn critics for its moralizing, mysticism, and serious commercialization. — Read on www.vox.com/the-highlight/2019/11/13/20955328/positive-psychology-martin-seligman-happiness-religion-secularism

Suffering = Pain x Resistance

Suffering = Pain x Resistance (Shinzen Young) As a first responder, pain (trauma) is inevitable, however, the resistance to change is NOT. If WE as a profession, continue to resist the need for change in how we train and respond to mental health issues, WE will continue to suffer and have a problem with suicide. … Continue reading Suffering = Pain x Resistance

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