One Second and the Tree of Yoga

When I teach a yoga/mindfulness class to First Responders / Military personnel, I love to discuss how practicing mindfulness can give you 1 second. In the civilian world, 1 second may not seem like a big deal, but in the First Responder / Military world, 1 second can be an eternity. It can mean the … Continue reading One Second and the Tree of Yoga

Yoga is not a religion…

This excerpt helped me understand "why" so few First Responders are unwilling to "step on the mat." Yoga is not a religion but a path of practice that leads to self-transformation. Rather than simply believe, yoga demands that you practice and experience. Yoga requires you to find out for yourself, and most people are not … Continue reading Yoga is not a religion…

Crazy Wisdom

As I was preparing for my 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course at the end of January, I came across a term that resonated with me: "Crazy Wisdom." According to the Yoga Tradition, Its History, Literature, Philosophy, and Practice, the definition of Crazy Wisdom is a unique mode of teaching, which avails itself to seemingly irreligious or … Continue reading Crazy Wisdom

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