Crazy Wisdom

As I was preparing for my 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course at the end of January, I came across a term that resonated with me: "Crazy Wisdom." According to the Yoga Tradition, Its History, Literature, Philosophy, and Practice, the definition of Crazy Wisdom is a unique mode of teaching, which avails itself to seemingly irreligious or … Continue reading Crazy Wisdom

You Have to Put in the Work

Seneca reminds us that fools all have one thing in common: They are always getting ready to start. They are always getting ready to change. And then? And then? And then? They never do. They don’t do the work.  Rooting evil out of your life takes work. Same with losing five pounds, quitting smoking, breaking the … Continue reading You Have to Put in the Work

Everything is Temporary

The Daily Stoic You’re smart. You’re experienced. You’ve made a bunch of money. You have a few prestigious letters before or after your name.  You’re a citizen of this country or that one. You’re got an impressive physique. You have a large following.  We can start to feel pretty good about ourselves… and then life … Continue reading Everything is Temporary

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