The Evolution of “My” Thinking

My original questions (to myself):

Question: Does the mind control the breath or does the breath control the mind?

My Answer:  Yes. The unconscious breath is controlled by the Autonomic Nervous System (brain) and I believe the breath can control the mind.

Question: Does the conscious mind control the conscious breath or does the conscious breath control the conscious mind?

My Answer: Yes. The conscious mind can control the conscious breath and the conscious breath can control the conscious mind.

Those two questions led me to the following question:

Are the brain and the mind the same entity?

My Answer: No! The brain deals with the unconscious (Autonomic Nervous System) and conscious thought. The mind only deals with conscious thought. I also like to think of the brain as the “unfeeling” and the mind as a “feeling” portion of our being.

Conclusion: The brain and the mind are two separate entities with the brain focusing on the “unconscious” and the mind focusing on the “conscious.” Which leads me to believe that the brain is controlled by the unconscious breath and the mind can be controlled by the conscious breath.

Does that make sense?


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