Yoga is not a religion…

This excerpt helped me understand “why” so few First Responders are unwilling to “step on the mat.”

Yoga is not a religion but a path of practice that leads to self-transformation. Rather than simply believe, yoga demands that you practice and experience. Yoga requires you to find out for yourself, and most people are not interested in doing that; they are looking for someone to lean on.

Every journey is a personal journey. It never happens that someone else undertakes the journey and you reach the destination. It is not enough to understand that someone else has walked the path—but unfortunately many will not accept that: they want others to walk the path for them. And because yoga will never pretend to do that, it will remain unpalatable to most people. Those seeking independence and personal freedom will be drawn to this path; others will not.

Source: Inner Quest by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait

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