11 Declarations to an Extraordinary Life

I just finished the The  Mount of Olives by Michael V. Ivanov and felt compelled to share the 11 declarations that he discussed in the book:

  1. Words spoken set life in motion.
  2. One must always live with the end in mind.
  3. You must, in all things be filled with gratitude.
  4. Each day, you must give of yourself more than you ever have before.
  5. You must not blame anyone but yourself.
  6. You must develop a burning desire for the thing you want to achieve.
  7. You must take action towards the thing that you desire.
  8. You must always persist if you wish for that desire to be realized.
  9. You must understand that you are a creature of habit.
  10. Choosing to live in love will set you free.
  11. You must only choose to believe.

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