How Ironic: Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) vs. First Responder Wellness Training (FRWT)

Question: Nationwide, how much emphasis is put on dealing with citizens in crisis (CIT Training) vs. dealing with First Responders in crisis?

  • How many states have CIT Programs? 47 and is available in 2,700 communities nationwide
    • (National Alliance for Mental Illness – NAMI)
  • How many states have FRWT? 0 (NAMI)
  • Quote on FRWT: “The current state of support for officer wellness nationally is disjointed and faces both cultural and logistical obstacles.”
    • Law Enforcement Mental Health and Wellness Act (Report to Congress March 2019)
  • How long is CIT? 40 hours
  • How long is FRWT ??

What message do these statistics send to First Responders? How is that in Ohio alone, 10,000 police officers have been through CIT, which would roughly translate to 500,000 nationwide and only 50,000 have received wellness training for roughly 3-hours via BJA’s VALOR Program?

Why is it that we, as a nation, can prioritize CIT and not FRWT?

And, we wonder why WE have a First Responder suicide crisis!




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