Yesterday I received a response to one of my posts that made me feel sad / concerned and happy / proud at the same time. The response from KM: “My thoughts today…I have cried more in the past week than I ever have about work. I’m making mistakes and getting punished for them like a crook instead of the officer that they should be protecting. Today I’ve hit rock bottom…and when I tried to being yoga to the job they ignored my emails and turned their backs.”

I was sad because a friend of mine was hurting. I was happy because she had enough faith in me and others to share how she was truly feeling. It takes a lot of strength / courage to let others know that you are hurting! I hope that my heartfelt response was what she needed in that moment and something that helps her get through this rough spot in the road.

This morning, my sister ┬ácalled and wanted to let me know that an article I posted concering “runnning as a way to reduce depression and anxiety” motivated her to get up this morning and run 5 miles. Despite the fact that she was feeling depressed. She just wanted to let me know that I made a difference in her life and that I was probably making a difference in other’s lives as well. I HOPE I AM!

A few hours after talking to my sister, I decided to check on a friend who was in the process of separating from the Police Department because of PTSD. During our conversation he let me know that one of my yoga classes prompted him to contact a counselor in reference to his difficulties at work. Again, it made me feel good that I could make a difference in someone’s life!


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