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Why I do what I do? I started my website / blog with the intent of improving at least 1 person’s life each day. I hope I have accomplished that and will continue to try and make a difference. I put a lot of effort / thought into my content with the goal of reaching as many people as possible. Based on that desire, I had to ask myself, “why is that important to me?” Today, I believe it is because I truly like to know that my work “seems worthy” of being read by others throughout the world. I am truly grateful for anyone that takes the time to read my work!

More importantly, it occurred to me that I need to put as much effort into the relationship with my wife. I need to positively impact her life EVERYDAY, if I want our relationship to continue to be successful. I encourage everyone to be passionate about SOMETHING, but don’t forget about the people closest to you.

If I impacted your life in anyway, please let me know!



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