The Similarities Between Yoga and Police Training

As a fairly new yoga teacher, I thought it was important to come up with new classes on a regular basis. I thought my students would become bored and move on to a more exciting teacher. So, when Sarah K. shared with me that her most recent teacher told her that he does a similar routine over and over, it was very liberating (AHA MOMENT). Surprisingly, to me, he repeats the same routine for the same reasons we (police officers) do the same training over and over – so that we can build on the basics and respond appropriately and effectively when the shit hits the fan.

The old adage, “you train like you fight and you fight like you train” comes to mind. If you practice shooting a Taser once a year (which most police departments do) how do you expect to be proficient in a stressful situation. I would have never thought that shooting a Taser once a year was = to doing Warrior II once a year. In either case, the results will not be optimal.

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