A Meditative Practice to Address Fear

I use a similar practice. I find it very helpful when I am lying in bed with my mind going 100 mph. It is also effectively addresses stress and anxiety. In 2019, in the wake of Hurricane Dorian, which left 70,000 people homeless, I was asked to share with survivors, healthcare workers, and teachers the … Continue reading A Meditative Practice to Address Fear

Awe Research Links

2021 The Potential Role of Awe for Depression: Reassembling the Puzzle Alice Chirico, Andrea Gaggioli ...we proposed an up-to-date unifying proposal of awe's functioning, which allowed for a revision of all the empirical evidence supporting the potential therapeutic role of awe for contrasting specifically MDD. The core message of this work concerns the elicitation of … Continue reading Awe Research Links

The Evolution of “My” Thinking

My original questions (to myself): Question: Does the mind control the breath or does the breath control the mind? My Answer:  Yes. The unconscious breath is controlled by the Autonomic Nervous System (brain) and I believe the breath can control the mind. Question: Does the conscious mind control the conscious breath or does the conscious … Continue reading The Evolution of “My” Thinking

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