How to educate police officers about signs of mental illness

A study of 400 Dallas Police Department personnel found officers did not identify signs they were experiencing a mental health crisis — Read on

The Search for a New Song Goes On

“Trying to remember the words to a song that hasn’t been written.” This line from a Jamey Johnson song is how I feel about trying to identify an effective strategy for reducing the number of First Responders that commit suicide. I / We simply need to write a new song and stop playing the same … Continue reading The Search for a New Song Goes On

Sleep, Exercise and Mental Health | Sapien Labs | Neuroscience | Human Brain Diversity Project

Takeaways: If you do not get enough sleep and/or you do not exercise, you are at a much higher risk of having mental health issues. MHQ data highlights the profound relationship between sleep and exercise and mental wellbeing and the degree of sleep deprivation and sedentary lifestyle of  he world. — Read on

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