What the American public needs to know about police training

Rather than defund the police, states and law enforcement agencies need to invest more money and time in police training and education — Read on http://www.policeone.com/police-training/articles/a-letter-to-the-american-public-we-need-to-increase-the-quantity-and-quality-of-police-training-PEIoRJqWTIG55dqy/

Neuroplasticity and Anxiety

Basically, neuroplasticity can be applied to help you manage, treat, and perhaps even “cure” anxiety, but it takes some time and effort! These more permanent brain changes can be achieved through adapting and changing thought patterns, through recall and memory patterning, breathing exercises, eye patterning, modifying postural habits, increasing body awareness, and targeting sensory perception … Continue reading Neuroplasticity and Anxiety

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